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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies you should look into in 2019

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies you should look into in 2019

It is 2019 and cryptocurrency market is still in its full bloom. If you haven’t already invested in any of the cryptocurrency at present it is about time that you take a leap of faith in this new era of economics. Experts have it that this is the year when the cryptocurrency market completely transforms its outlook for good. Gone are the days when people only studied the stock markets for investments. Now cryptocurrency is making its root stronger for a longer run. We saw huge fluctuations and development in the altcoin market and more are to come in the years forward. Therefore, we have shortlisted top five cryptocurrencies you should keep your eyes focused on for this year and the years to come.

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin celebrated its 10 years of glory this January and a lot of cryptocurrency experts and analyst predict that this year is also for bitcoins. The biggest news out there is the increasing interest of major institutions in investing in bitcoins. Bitcoin has held the 1st spot as the largest cryptocurrency till now and currently has a market cap of $68,746,469,497 and priced at about $3909 at the present time. With its 7-sec fast transaction time, bitcoin led to increased transaction fee and a stronger edge to the competition. Its developers responded by launching the lightning network that allows the transaction to occur separately from the bitcoin’s main blockchain. It has the potential to inaugurate another bull run for the market as many massive financial institutions have started to warm up towards it. Last but not the least, with its planning new development with halving in mind in 2020, Bitcoin surely is one of the top coins to invest and hold in 2019 and beyond.

2. Ethereum [ETH]

Ethereum.pngAfter Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second most promising cryptocurrency that currently has a market cap of $14,046,595,198 and presently is priced at about $134. Launched in 2015, the Ethereum Alliance has now over 200 organizations testing a version of its blockchain in varied industries. It was the first currency to integrate smart control protocols into its blockchain making it a popular choice among enterprise clients.

Ethereum currently has a high liquidity rank, second after bitcoin and it is fueling the dApp ecosystem making it one of the hottest cryptocurrency to invest in 2019.

3. Ripple [XRP]

Ripple has slowly but steadily emerged as another fine cryptocurrency for long term investment in 2019. It works on a slightly different principle than other cryptocurrencies as it was exclusively created for large financial institutions than individual users. Its special XPR feature facilitates cross-border payment with ultra-fast transaction processing speed and low transaction fee.

Ripple is rated by cryptocurrency analysts to be a low-risk investment, it is safer even though it might produce slightly lower profit fractions than other altcoins. Many predict that Ripple can become an alternative Swift system currency for international monetary fund transfer that will be globally accepted. Ripple has received massive recognition from corporate investors such as Google and is currently being introduced by many Asian banks and financial institutions around the world. If you are planning to play it safe than Ripple is the lowest risk cryptocurrency to invest in 2019.

4. Litecoin [LTC]

Litecoin [LTC]Famously known as Bitcoin-lite, Litecoin is another interesting long-term altcoins to invest in. Litecoin now holds the 4th spot as the larger cryptocurrency and currently has a market cap of $3,456,943,850 and priced at about $56 at present. When compared to bitcoin it has a faster average block-mining time of 2.5 minutes against bitcoin’s 10 minutes.

Litecoin has attracted masses with lower consensus threshold of only 75% (Bitcoin requires 95%). It further implemented the SegWit (segregated witness) upgrade to its blockchain that facilitates blockchain capacity alongside decreasing the transaction settlement fee and time. Financial communities believe Litecoin has the potential to become the next shared payment facilitator with its intriguing more decentralized proof of work algorithm than Bitcoin. Litecoin being more reliable in price volatility and liquidity in comparison to other high-risk coins with smaller caps is another most trusted cryptocurrency project to invest in 2019.

5. Monero

MoneroMonero makes it on the list as it has further beefed up its security protocols and maintenance of anonymity of coin traders. This privacy based project introduced CryptoNote, security protocols that require ring signatures while keeping the identity of the actual sign anonymous. Moreover, it generates a stealth address (a one-time spend key similar to OTP) for the sender, which only then allows the recipient of those funds being able to detect and use that transaction maintaining end to end security.

Monero (XMR) costs $46.6 at present and with over 180 contributors supporting this blockchain it has all the chances to grow further in value. Like Bitcoin, Monero also has the proof of work verification standards ensuring there is always value behind it and strong community support, as it also operates on the basic principles of decentralization. It is also attracting more users because of its superior mining algorithm that doesn’t allow ASIC’s much technological superiority over regular computer owners. It’s adaptive block size limit automatically handles all the increasing transactions as Monero blocks are produced at a rapid speed of 2 minutes. A maximum of 18.4 million XMR (Monero) will exist in circulation until May 2022. After that, 0.3 XMR will be put in circulation every minute forever. This attractive crypto economics makes it worth your investment this year.

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